St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Emergency Closure Procedure

College Procedures in the event of emergency including extreme weather conditions

The College website will be updated regularly with information. We shall also inform local radio and generally we would use Radio City or Radio Merseyside.

Emergencies prior to the start of the College day

If any emergency, such as heavy overnight snow, should occur and it is judged that this will cause disruption and danger for students and staff then a decision will be made as early as possible to close the College. A message will be posted on the College website and local radio and the Local Authority informed.  

Should any students arrive at College we will look after them and make contact with parents to arrange for them to get home safely.  

Emergency Closure during the College day

If it is judged necessary to close the College once the College day has commenced, a message will be posted on the College website and a text sent out to parents/carers informing them that the College is having to close, including a time for closure. Students will go to their form classes and be given the opportunity to make contact with parents/carers via mobile phones. Form tutors will check that this contact has been made before allowing any child to leave College. We will not allow students to leave until we have a definite arrangement for them to get home safely and students will be looked after in College until this is in place. Please ensure that your child and the College have an emergency contact number to cover this eventuality.  

Note: Please be aware that College bus services may not be available if emergencies occur during the day.

Public Examinations during an emergency closure

Should an emergency occur during a period of public examinations every effort will be made to keep the College open at least partially to enable these examinations to take place where it is judged safe to do so. Information regarding this will be posted on the website and included in any texts.  

Re-Opening College after the emergency

The College website will be updated regularly and as soon as the decision is made to re-open it will appear on the website, a text will be sent out to parents/carers and local radio and the Local Authority will be informed.