St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy 2018/19

St Mary's Catholic College. A Voluntary Aided Academy, is an 11-18 Co-educational Catholic Secondary School under the trusteeship of the Diocese of Shrewsbury. As a Catholic Voluntary Aided Academy the Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust is the Admissions Authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applications for admissions.

All decisions relating to admissions applications to this school will be taken by the Governing Body of this school. The Catholic Faith and the Teachings of the Catholic Church have an essential role in school life and influence every aspect of the Curriculum. We expect all parents applying for a place here to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community. This does not affect the right of parents who are not of the Faith of this school to apply for and be considered for a place here.

The co-ordination of admissions is undertaken by the Education Authority. For the school year commencing September 2018 the Governing Body has set its admissions number for Year 7 at 255.

Admissions to the school in Year 7 will be determined by the Governing Body, in accordance with its published criteria. If the school is oversubscribed, places will be allocated according to the following criteria given in priority order.

  1. Children who are in the care of the Local Authority (Looked After Children) and previously Looked After Children.

  2. Baptised Catholic Children from our partner Catholic Primary schools: Ladymount, Our Lady of Pity, Sacred Heart, St Alban's, St Joseph's, SS Peter & Paul, Holy Cross, St Joseph's (Upton) and St Paul's; and our partner school Holy Spirit Catholic and Church of England Primary.

  3. Baptised Catholic children from other Primary Schools.

  4. Children with siblings on roll at St Mary's Catholic College at the time of admission.

  5. Children from our partner Catholic Primary schools: Ladymount, Our Lady of Pity,

    Sacred Heart, St Alban's, St Joseph's, SS Peter & Paul, Holy Cross, St Joseph's (Upton) and St Paul's; and our partner school Holy Spirit Catholic and Church of England Primary.

  6. Children from other Primary Schools whose parents seek a Catholic education.

Within each priority the Governors will always give preference to Roman Catholic children. NOTES

If category (2) is oversubscribed, children who satisfy (2) and (4) will have priority over children who satisfy only (2). Subsequently, if in this or any other category there are more applications than places available, priority will be given on the basis of distance from home to College. Distance will be measured using the shortest road route, unless it is possible to use a footpath which we consider a safe walking route from the front door of the child's home address (including flats) to the main entrance of the College, using the Local Authority's computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the College receiving the higher priority. In the event of distances being the same for 2 or more applicants where this distance would be the last place/s to be allocated, a random lottery will be implemented between the applicants where the distance is the same. The random lottery will be carried out in a public place. All the names will be entered into a hat, and the required number of names will be drawn out.

If the school is named in a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan the Governing Body will admit the child to the College.

For 'In Year' applications received outside the normal admissions round, and if places are available, then children qualifying under the published criteria will be admitted. If there are places available, but more applicants than places, then the published over-subscription criteria will be applied. 'In Year' and late applications will be treated as per the admissions arrangements published by the Local Authority.

If an application for admission has been turned down by the Governing Body, parents can appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. This appeal must be sent in writing to the Clerk to the Governors at the College within 20 College days of refusal. Parents must give reasons for appealing in writing, and the decision of the Appeals Panel is binding on the Governing Body.

Sixth Form Admission Policy 2018/19

In addition to places available for students already in the College, the Governing Body will make available a further 30 places for external students. For both, entry to the Sixth Form is subject to the Entry Qualification for individual courses of study, as published annually in the Sixth Form Prospectus. If more applications are received from external candidates than the number specified then the criteria applied at Year 7 will be used to determine admissions.


  1. All applicants will be considered at the same time, and after the closing date for admissions.

  2. The Governing Body reserves the right to check on evidence of baptism into the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. (Roman) Catholic children :
    1. This means children who are baptised Roman Catholics;
    2. Children who are under instruction (having provided satisfactory confirmation

    of this).

  4. Sibling is defined as :

    1. A brother or sister by the same parents;
    2. A half or step-brother or sister living in the same household;
    3. Children under the guardianship of either parent, and living in the same

    4. An adopted brother or sister.