St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Special Educational Needs

The Governing Body of St Mary’s Catholic College aims to: recognise pupils' special educational needs; to meet those needs within the resources of the school and the Local Authority; to promote awareness of those pupils; to pay due regard to the SEND Code of Practice 2014 and enable those young people to achieve their full potential. An appointed Governor has specific responsibility for SEND and reports to the governing body after visits and meetings with the SENDCO. Mrs M Todd and Mrs C Moor act as SEND Coordinators and are responsible for the day-to-day provision and the coordination of SEND provision. They are supported in their role by the SEND Learning Coach, Mrs S Banks.

At St Mary’s Catholic College, in line with the SEND Code of Practice, September 2014, we adopt a graduated response to meeting a wide and varied range of special educational needs including: communication and interaction; cognition and learning; social/emotional and mental health difficulties; sensory and/or physical needs.

Progress of all pupils with additional needs at St Mary’s Catholic College is closely monitored via half termly Learning Programmes and termly Achievement Plans. Staff meet fortnightly to discuss provision and suggest intervention appropriate to need. Pupils with Statements or Education and Health Care Plans all receive a Person-Centred Profile, detailing their learning and /or wider social/emotional needs as necessary. SEND pupils are fully integrated and supported in the mainstream classroom and small class sizes have increased the specialist teacher support available to all pupils. The school is accessible to pupils in wheelchairs and has lift access.

SEND is resourced as part of the annual funding allocation, received directly from the Education Funding Agency to meet the needs of all SEND pupils on roll. The school also receives funding from the Local Authority for some designated provision. Identification of SEND pupils occurs through close liaison with primary schools, parents, teachers, support staff and outside agencies. The SEND Code of Practice is implemented to identify and clarify need and is fully supported by St Mary’s Catholic College SEND policy. All pupils have equal access to the curriculum including the National Curriculum, which is modified where necessary to meet pupils' needs. Differentiation of the work occurs as appropriate and modifications are considered and implemented according to need and advice. Access to educational activities would only be denied if it were likely to be prejudicial to the pupil's health or wellbeing.

More detailed information can be accessed via the SEND Information Report