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E Safety

At St Mary's we take the issue of eSafety very seriously. Here are some links and resources you will find helpful in making sure children are protected when using the internet.

The internet, used responsibly, is a wonderful way to discover, create and connect with people.

It is, increasingly, an essential tool for young people researching issues and homework topics for themselves.

St Mary's is extremely concerned about e-safety and the prevention of cyber bullying, whether via email, text messaging or any social digital media.


CEOP Report

Report an issue to CEOP The Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre


Parental Controls

Most Internet Service Providers have some form of parental controls available, below are some videos on how to set these up for BT, Sky and Virgin Media.  

In addition to parental controls offered by your internet service provider (ISP), some devices, such as games consoles, tablets and smart phones have additional settings.

Please read the Parents' Guide to Technology produced by the Safer Internet Centre for more information:

Useful Websites

you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet

Find out what's good and what's not so good on the internet and what you can do about it:

An interactive internet safety resource.  Contains the latest advice on cyber bullying and reporting.

Great for children, teachers, parents and carers.  Fun games and activities alongside internet safety advice.

Advice for teenagers on how to stay safe while chatting online with information about the potential dangers of interactive services like chat, Instant Messenger, online games, email and mobiles.

*We are not responsible for content of other websites but at the time of adding their content was relevant to this section.

Mobile Phones

For all you need to know about ringtones, entering competitions and television voting, consult PhoneBrain.

This is a premium rate services regulator providing advice for users on phone-paid services. Phone-paid services add the cost of a service or goods to your phone bill or pre-pay account - this could include ringtones and wallpapers for your phone, TV voting or charity donations.

Access the user manuals for all Blackberry Smartphones, giving parents the opportunity to find out how Blackberry Messenger (BBM) works.

*We are not responsible for content of other websites but at the time of adding their content was relevant to this section.

Social Networks and Blogs

This helps parents understand the positive and creative ways people are using social networking spaces like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo and highlights the potential risks of using these sites and the ways to minimise these risks.

This site gives information about social networking sites and how to use them responsibly, plus advice on preventing and responding to cyberbullying.

Essential information developed with the music industry.

This is a list of legal sites to download music.

Take the quiz and test your knowledge about the law online:

Find out what all the new terms mean...

*We are not responsible for content of other websites but at the time of adding their content was relevant to this section.

If you are still worried


If there is anything you would like to tell us, or if you know of any more resources we can add, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

If you have any other problems or worries about eSafety, please do not hesitate to seek advice from our college technicians by ringing 0151 639 7531 or contact us at