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Important information and dates affecting Year 11

St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey

Dear Parents and Carers 

Important information and dates affecting Year 11

The final GCSE examinations for your sons and daughters are ongoing. So far their demeanour in the examinations gives us cause for optimism for the results in August.  They have been a credit to you.

We have been asked a number of questions by parents in recent weeks:

Until when does my child need to attend full time at St Mary’s?

This time of year always presents a tension.  There are lessons where the examination has already been taken and some lessons where the examination is later on in the examination period. We believe strongly that students benefit significantly from being in school and having access to their teachers for as long as possible.  Your children may have told you that we are undertaking “walking talking mocks” close to the examination in a number of subjects which reminds them of how to answer the questions to maximise their marks in that subject.

Consequently, we insist that students attend school full time until the last examination date when there is a core examination.  This is the physics examination on Friday 16th June after which students will be dismissed from College, except those who have an examination later that day.

When and how does my child get their results?

A reminder that that the GCSE examination results are published on Thursday 24th August 2017 and will be available for students to collect in College from 8.30am onwards with the College open until 3.30pm.

When does my child register for Sixth Form?

Students resister for Sixth Form on GCSE Results Day but arrangements can be put in place if a student is away on holiday at this time or if he/she is unable to get time off from a summer job.

Is there going to be a Sixth Form Uniform in September?

The current Sixth Form dress code has been place since September 2013.  The concern at the time expressed by parents was that, without any constraints, students felt under pressure to have a wide wardrobe available for school for fear of being accused of wearing the same outfit every day.  This was leading to a considerable additional financial commitment for families to support this or in some cases students taking on extra jobs outside of school hours to pay for it, which reduced the time they had for study.  We also believe that the smarter appearance has contributed to a mindset that has led to the best post-16 results the College has ever achieved during this time.  Our Sixth Form provision and outcomes were judged as Good in our last OFSTED Inspection.

However, despite the dress code we have still received complaints from parents about the cost of providing a range of outfits, particularly in the times of austerity, and have had to deal with issues of judgement as to whether particular items of clothing meet the dress code.  A number of parents and students have queried why we don’t have a Sixth Form Uniform as it would be cheaper for families than purchasing a range of outfits and would help to resolve any issues about whether a particular item meets the specifications of our current dress code.  We have responded.

Key criteria we have applied in looking at this are: affordability, relative simplicity, a desire for our sixth form students to look smart and for sixth formers to be identifiable from Key Stage 3 and 4 students.  We have identified a sixth form uniform for boys and girls which meets these requirements and Governors have supported this.


The Sixth Form uniform from September will be:


  • Black V neck jumper or cardigan
  • Plain white open collar blouse
  • Castle tartan knee length skirt or black school trousers (not fashion trousers or jeans) The skirt will be available from Wirral Uniform.
  • Plain black leather or imitation leather shoes without motifs or accessories
  • Black plain tights (not patterned) or Knee-length (mid-length) plain black socks


  • Black V neck jumper
  • Plain white shirt with collar
  • St Mary’s Sixth Form black and silver striped tie which will be available from Wirral Uniform
  • Black school trousers (not fashion trousers or jeans)
  • Plain black leather or imitation leather shoes without motifs or accessories
  • Boots, trainers or canvas footwear are not acceptable
  • Plain black socks

There will be a page on the College website where the uniform is modelled.

We believe our Sixth Form students will look smart in their new uniform and that this will support a learning culture that leads to outstanding outcomes for our students on this next stage of their educational journey as well as being excellent role models for younger students.

When does the new school year start for Year 12 in September?

Our new Year 12 will return to College on Tuesday 5th September 2017.

In conclusion, can I thank you for all your support over the last five years. If your child is moving on to education, employment or training elsewhere we wish them every success and blessing.

For those parents with students planning to return to our Sixth Form in September we look forward to continuing our partnership with you.

Yours faithfully



Mr A Boyle                                                 Mr T Quinn

Headteacher                                              Executive Head Teacher



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