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St Mary's Catholic College
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We are starting a new initiative at St Mary's aimed at getting students out on bikes. Our vision is to collect old bikes, repair and restore them and give them away, but also to breathe new life into  old bikes to get them used again, and also to keep new bikes in top condition.

Do you have an old bike at home you no longer want or use taking up room in your shed? We could restore this bike and give it away for somebody to use. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bit rusty or has flat tyres, we can fix it. Please bring your bike in and give to Mr Hampson or we can arrange for it to be collected from your house.

Are you a student who has an old bike you want help to repair so you can use it to cycle to school or get fit? Bring it in to our Bike Maintenance and repair club, we can help you fix punctures, tighten handle bars, whatever you need. Dates to be announced.

We will also be able to give you maps of safe cycle paths, exhilarating routes and tips on road safety.

So to begin with please donate your old bikes and bring them in or ask me to arrange collection. See Mr Hampson to let him know you’re interested in Bike Maintenance club or if you would like to work on restoring a bike and keeping it for yourself.

Bike Maintenance club will have tools, pumps, instructions, videos, guest speakers, maps, magazines and general bike chat. Who knows we could even set up our own St Mary’s Cycling club.

See Mr Hampson or Mrs Morris for any more information.