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Sixth Form Results

Sixth Form Results

St Mary’s Sixth from  students got the results that their efforts deserved with a set of excellent results which have allowed students to secure university places on prestigious courses at universities the length and breadth of the country including a place at Oxford University for Ellie English.

There were many outstanding individual performance at both A Level and applied Level 3 courses that have also provided access to university for those students who want to pursue this option. Other students are pursuing high level apprenticeships.

Some of the highlights are listed below.




Arnas Baltrusaitis

Dist* Dist  Dist

Business Double and ICT

Eleanor Booth


Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Chloe Byrne


Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Emma Campbell

A* A* A

Gov and Politics, History and Eng Lit

Bethani Carney


Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Greg Clayton

A* A  A  A*

Gov and Politics, Maths, Biology and Ext Project

Michelle Edwards- Sutton

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Dance Double and Sports Studies

Ellie English

A* A  A  A*

Psychology, RE, Eng Lit, Ext. Project

Michael Jamieson- Anderson

Dist* Dist  Dist

IT Double and Sports Studies

Jordan Lau

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Business. IT Single and Travel and Tourism

Olivia Leyland

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Rhiannon Lorraine

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Curtis McPhee

Dist* Dist* Dist*

IT Double and Applied Science

Meghan Mc Callion

Dist* Dist* A C

Dance Double, Drama and RE

Francis Murray

A  A  B  B

Business, Eng Lang, Maths and Extended Project

Jake Neilson

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Business, IT Single and Sports Studies

Russell Nokes

Dist* Dist* A  A  A

Dance Double, Physics, Maths, Chemistry

Oliver Prowse

Dist* A  B  B

Music, Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Luke Smith

Dist* Dist  Dist

Business, IT Single, Sports Studies

Liam Taylor

Dist* Dist* Dist

Business, IT Double

Ashleigh Toole

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Dance Double, Health and Social Single

Aidan Turley

A  A  C

Gov and Politics, RE, Psychology

Michael Watson

A  A  C

Psychology, RE, Gov and Politics

Amy Whitfield

Dist* Dist* Dist*

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma


Headteacher, Tony Boyle, said “Today we see what can be achieved by students, teachers and parents working together. Undoubtedly this year group contains some of the most able students the college has ever seen and they have achieved outstanding individual results of which we are incredibly proud.  As an inclusive college for students of all abilities we celebrate all our students’ successes which will enable them to take the next steps in their lifelong learning journey.

It is was great to see that these results were achieved because we were able to offer our students the most appropriate learning routes with students able to follow A level courses, a combination of A level and applied learning courses and complete applied learning packages.”

Chair of Governors, Father David Long, said that he was delighted to hear the details of this outstanding set of results, which is tangible evidence of the progress that the college is making, and wants to congratulate the students and the staff on their achievements.

Registration for being part of the continuing success story of our sixth form takes place on Thursday 24th August after students have collected their GCSE results.

Students from other schools are welcome to apply to join our Sixth Form.

GCSE results are available to be collected at St Mary’s from 8.30am onwards on 24th August.