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Changes to College Uniform for September 2017

St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Changes to College Uniform for September 2017

As you might remember I wrote to you some time ago regarding a review of our College uniform agreed by our College’s Governing Body. In the intervening period we have consulted with students about their preferences and following this consultation have taken a proposal back to the Governing Body who have passed a resolution to support a new uniform for September 2017.

What about Year 11 in September 2017?

One of the concerns expressed by parents was that they felt expecting parents to purchase a new uniform, particularly a blazer or jumper, for one year i.e. Year 11, when these items often lasted two years, was an unwarranted expense.  In response to this Governors have supported the proposal that the existing uniform expectations are not changed for September’s Year 11.

The new uniform requirements will only apply in September to Years 7 to 10.

What about the cost of replacing larger items e.g. blazer?

Governors are aware of the possible unexpected additional expense in replacing items over and above those that parents might normally expect to be replacing annually. In response to this we have been able to identify monies, secured during our academy conversion, that we can utilise to support this change.  

As a result I am pleased to be able to inform you that the College will be able to supply the following items at no cost to parents or carers:

For boys in Years 7 to 10 in September 2017 – a new St Mary’s College blazer and a badged St Mary’s College jumper

For girls in Years 7 to 10 in September 2017 – a new St Mary’s College blazer and a new St Mary’s College skirt

NB The new St Mary’s College blazers are year group specific, as the badge on the blazer incorporates a feature (the colour of the writing of the college motto “Christ within us all” within the badge) which will replace the year tie as the means of identifying to which year group a child belongs.

The full College uniform for girls in Years 7 to 10 in September is:

  • Navy St Mary’s College blazer with year specific college badge
  • Light blue open neck ‘revere collar’ blouse
  • Navy V neck St Mary’s College badged jumper or navy V neck badged tank top
  • St Mary’s College checked knee length skirt or the option to wear black school trousers
  • Plain black leather (or imitation leather shoes) with no motifs or bows
  • Long plain navy socks or black tights







The full College uniform for boys in Years 7 to 10 in September is:


  • Navy blazer with year specific College badge
  • St Mary’s College clip on tie (same tie for each year from Yr7 to Yr10)
  • Light blue shirt
  • Navy V neck St Mary’s College badged jumper or navy St Mary’s College V neck badged tank top
  • Black school trousers (not fashion trousers)
  • Plain black leather or imitation leather shoes with no motifs or bows. Boots, trainers or canvas footwear will not be accepted.
  • Plain black socks

Images of the new uniform are available on the College website.  From the homepage, click on the ‘Students’ tab followed by ‘Uniform and Equipment’.

Are the PE kit and College bags changing as well?

There are no changes to the current PE kits or College bags.

How will we get our new blazers, jumpers and skirts?

The new blazers, jumpers and skirts will be supplied through Wirral Uniform Shop but we will have a designated day in the last week of the summer term for each of the current years 7, 8 and 9 when the supplier will come in and students will be fitted for their blazers, skirts and jumpers. Parents will be invited to attend and take their child’s new St Mary’s College blazers and jumper/skirt home.  More detail will follow about the arrangements for these days.

Remaining items of uniform can then be purchased from Wirral Uniform or in the case of more generic items e.g. shirts from other providers, as long as they meet our uniform requirements.

For our new Year 7 it will be part of their Induction Evening.

As I shared in my previous letter, this is the first significant change to the uniform in more than forty years and has been an opportunity to update our uniform and respond to some of the concerns expressed about the current uniform. I am confident our students will wear our uniform with pride and be identified in the local community as a credit to us all.

Yours sincerely




Mr A Boyle


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Headteacher: Mr. A. Boyle BSc. (Hons)