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End Of Summer Term 2017

St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey

July 2017




Dear Parents and Carers


Celebration Mass


Our Celebration Mass at The Cathedral of Christ the King was a wonderful event.  As you might imagine, the scale of such an undertaking required a great team effort on our behalf of the staff of both schools but most of all it was the behaviour and demeanour of our students and those of St John Plessington that ensured that it was a resounding success.


The Mass itself was a very moving liturgy with students from both schools leading the inspiring music with dance and drama enhancing the celebration.  Amongst the guests was the Deputy Mayor of Wirral who thanked me afterwards for the privilege of having been at the Mass and said how proud we should be of our students.  This was one of many positive comments from attendees and visitors to the Cathedral.


A video of the Mass is on our website as well as displays around our College.  It is difficult to do justice to it but I hope you can get a sense of the occasion.  The faces of many of our students as they approached and entered the cathedral made the whole event worthwhile with many gasps at the size and beauty of the Cathedral.  It was a very fitting way to publicly recognise the partnership of our two schools.


New Uniform Collection Arrangements


As you will be aware we are introducing a new uniform in years 7 to 10 from September onwards and that we have been able to secure some funding through our academisation to help with this.


Our new Year 7 had the chance to be measured up and collect some of the bespoke items of uniform on the Induction Evening this week but our suppliers have encountered some delays due to the size of the order which mean that the new badged jumpers will not arrive until the first week of the holiday. However, we have put in place arrangements for students to be measured up in College next week and for parents to be able to collect the items that are available at the end of the day.


The new blazers and skirts have arrived and so parents will be able to collect their sons blazer and in the case of girls their blazer and skirt.


We will not be selling the other items of uniform except for the new boys’ tie which costs £5 which you can purchase from the school office.


Uniform items will be in labelled bags for parents to collect at the end of the day from the Sports Hall at the rear of the College site.  Parents will be able to enter through the rear gate on St George’s Road and collect their child’s bagged uniform items from the Sports Hall.  Given the number of students involved we have staggered the days and the times for collecting the uniform.






Current Year 7 (next year’s 8) Tuesday 18th July 2017

3.15-4.00pm Parents and carers in forms, 7ADO, 7ADW, 7CED, 7KCY.

4pm – 4.45pm Parents and carers in forms, 7MMO, 7MSM, 7NLM, 7RJO.


Current Year 8 (next year’s 9) Wednesday 19th July 2017

3.15-4.00pm Parents and carers in forms, 8DLA, 8GDA, 8KWI, 8LED.

4pm – 4.45pm Parents and carers in forms, 8MAT, 8RWE, 8SKE, 8VBR.


Current Year 9 (next year’s 10) Thursday 20th July 2017

3.15-4.00pm Parents and carers in forms, 9SLI, 9RHO, 9PCO, 9LSN.

4pm – 4.45pm Parents and carers in forms, 9JGR, 9GST, 9GMO, 9AMP.


The boys’ jumpers will be available from Wirral Uniform Centre for collection week beginning 24th July 2017, most sizes will be available however, for those items not in stock; these will also need to be collected from Wirral Uniform Centre, Birkenhead after the 24th July 2017.


Parents, who are unable to collect their child’s uniform on their designated day, can either come on the following afternoon or Friday 21st July 2017 from 9.00 am to 11.30am to the school office.


For students in next year’s Years 8 to 10 I have attached a copy of the new uniform requirements.


College badged bags


College badged bags have proved a great success this year. Unfortunately one of the original bags is no longer available but we have been able to identify suitable alternatives and these are available from Wirral Uniform Centre, Birkenhead or The Other Uniform Store, Brimstage.  A College bag remains a compulsory part of the uniform.


End of Term Arrangements


On Friday 21st July, school will close at 12 noon.

Brunch will be available for students on that day.


Start of Term Arrangements


School will reopen for students in Years 7 and 12 on Tuesday 5th September 2017.


All students will be in College on Wednesday 6th September 2017.


Can I thank you for all your support this year and wish you and your children a safe and happy summer break.


Yours faithfully




Mr A Boyle




Wallasey Village, Wallasey, Wirral, CH45 3LN
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Headteacher: Mr. A. Boyle BSc. (Hons)