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Punctuality and Attendance

St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey

16th March 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Punctuality and Attendance

As you will be aware before my letter last summer we have clarified the time at which students need to be on site in order for lessons to begin promptly. This time is 8.30am.  The starting time of lessons has not changed. It remains at 8.35am but students need to be lined up outside classrooms ready to enter at this time not just about to enter the site or in the process of making their way to a classroom.

At 8.30am the gates near the crossing at the front, back gates and side of College are locked. Any student who is not on site at this point is late and must enter through the front entrance on Wallasey Village and sign in with their Progress and Aspiration Coach.

A small minority of parents are dropping their child off after 8.30am at the front of College and in some cases even entering the car park to drop their child off, which is a health and safety issue. Parents should not drive on to the College car park unless it is an emergency. Please be aware that we will be locking the gate at the Sandy Lane end of the car park to discourage people from driving into the College car park.

There will be occasions when the bus services, which are scheduled to arrive no later than 8.25am, are delayed. In these cases students are not sanctioned and we inform Merseytravel of the lateness of the service which they have committed to addressing. However, in many cases of late arrival it is the fault of the student and this has currently been sanctioned with a detention, which is escalated if this lateness is repeated in the same week.

Sadly it would appear that a minority of our students are willing to miss the start of the school day and accept the current sanctions. This is not good enough. Vital learning is being lost for any child who is late and his/her late arrival at a lesson disrupts the learning of other students. I know you will agree that this has to stop. Part of our wider education of all our students is the importance of punctuality in the workplace and employers would sanction late employees potentially leading to dismissal. Consequently we have reviewed the sanction for lateness to College.

Any child who arrives after 8.30am, without an acceptable explanation, will be detained for an hour that evening. A text will be sent home informing the child’s parent of this sanction. It is vital therefore that you keep your phone contact details up to date so that you are aware that your child will be leaving College at 3.50pm that day. During this detention after College the students will be undertaking an aspect of community service.

As for other after-College detentions, it is for you to make arrangements for your child to make their way home or collect them if your child is detained. Clearly the best we can hope for is that all our students respond positively and that this sanction is not necessary. However, I know I can rely on your support for this measure as we, as the adults, appreciate how important punctuality and lost learning time are to your child’s future employability and life chances. 

Yours faithfully


Mr A Boyle                                                 Mr T Quinn

Headteacher                                              Executive Head Teacher

Wallasey Village, Wallasey, Wirral, CH45 3LN
T: 0151 639 7531 F: 0151 201 4514
Headteacher: Mr. A. Boyle BSc. (Hons)