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Start Of Year

St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey

Dear Parents and Carers

We have been delighted with the start that students have made to our College year.  They look very smart in their uniforms and we would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring that these high standards are maintained.  

Academic Achievements

Our Year 11 students enjoyed some excellent GCSE results this summer with most students returning to take up places in our sixth form.  

We were delighted with our A Level and Level 3 BTEC results the students broke College records and as a result large numbers are on their way to universities up and down the country including Bristol, Durham, Manchester and York with many students securing places on high entry requirement courses including two students going to do medicine and another four law, amongst the very diverse degree courses being followed.  We look forward to hearing about their future successes as we did this summer of our former students graduating, including Matthew Rylance from Oxford University.

Their great success was due to the continued strength of the partnership between staff and parents in support of the work of our students.  

Inset Day Friday 2nd October - Increasing Challenge
You will remember from my summer newsletter, and hopefully your children will have talked to you about our F.A.C.E approach to teaching and learning.

F – Feedback – knowing how to make progress from written and oral advice from teachers
A – Autonomy – ability to work independently
C – Challenge – ensuring work is at the right level to make at least good progress
E – Engagement - that lessons ensure that students participate fully in lessons

On our staff inset day we will be working with a nationally recognised figure who will further develop our teachers’ practice in challenging students to make excellent progress.  College is closed to students on this day.

Our College attendance at the start of the year has been excellent.  It is currently 97.7%, 0.7% up on the same period last year.  Can I remind you of the change in legislation regarding holidays in term time.  I am not allowed to authorise holidays in term times and governors have decided that fixed penalty fines can be issued if parents do take children on holiday in term time.

Our new College day has an immediate impact on punctuality with an almost 40% reduction so far on lateness at the start of the day.

Home School Association
You might consider becoming an active member of our Home School Association which supports the work of the College, please contact Mr Chew, Assistant Headteacher, if you would like to become more involved in your child’s Home School Association or would like to join our 200 club with its monthly draws; £12 for the year.

Mobile Phones and Headphones
As a College we have allowed students to bring mobile phones and headphones into College as long as students and parents understand that we accept no liability for their loss or any damage to them.  The use of mobile phones and headphones is currently permitted before College, at break, at lunchtime and after College.  Their use is not allowed at any point in lessons or when walking to lessons.  They must be turned off and out of sight during lesson times.  

Can I ask for your support in ensuring your children are clear about when they are allowed to use their phones, should you allow them to bring them into College. Where learning is disrupted phones are confiscated and parents contacted to come and collect the phones.

On occasions students claim it is parents trying to contact them that causes the problem.  Can I ask you to contact your child via the College Office during the College day rather than direct to your child’s phone.

Progress and Aspiration Coaches
Our new Progress and Aspiration Coaches are now in post:

Year   7 - Mrs S Wilson,
Year   8 - Miss I O’Donnell
Year   9 - Mrs H Marshall-Hose
Year 10 - Mrs J Cotgrave
Year 11 - Mrs R Wilkinson
Year 12 – Mr S Cotgrave
Year 13 – Miss D Murphy

They have made an excellent start and hopefully your children are already feeding back on their work in their different year groups.  

As you might remember each child will have a personal meeting with their Progress and Aspiration Coach twice a year and a copy of the plan agreed at this meeting will be sent home.  The first meetings begin this week.

I look forward to seeing you in College over the year at all the events that involve us working together to support your child’s education.  We want this partnership to go from strength to strength this year.  

Yours sincerely

Mr A Boyle

Wallasey Village, Wallasey, Wirral, CH45 3LN
T: 0151 639 7531 F: 0151 201 4514
Headteacher: Mr. A. Boyle BSc. (Hons)