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GCSE Success

GCSE Success


Many congratulations and well done to all St Mary's students who scooped top grades at GCSE!

This year we are delighted to report an excellent set of examination results for many of our Year 11 leavers.

In particular, we saw improvements in the levels of progress made by students in almost every GCSE subject.

After all the hard work, it's now time to think about the next stage of their education and we are delighted to welcome back many of our Year 11 students when they join St Mary's Sixth Form to take on the challenges of A Level and BTEC courses.

Outstanding individual performances, including at least 5A*/As at GCSE:

Callum Bradford 1A* 8As and a B

Emma Campbell 5A*s 4As and a B

Greg Clayton 7A*s and 3As

Ellie English 9A*s and an A

Alanah Harrison 6As and 4Bs

Nathan Harrison 1A* 7As 1B and a C

Laura Hurst 8A*s and 2As

Phoebe Jones 2A*s 6As and 2Bs

Aidan McCulloch 1A* and 9As

Javi McSorley 6As and 4Bs

Nico McSorley 1A* 6As and 3Bs

Francis Murray 4A*s 5As and a B

Emily Nagle 8As 1B and a C

Russell Nokes 5A*s 3As and 2Bs

Joanne Penketh 5As 4Bs and a C

Oliver Prowse 7A*s and 3As

Meryn Riley 2A* Distinction* 4As 2Bs and a C

Nathan Sandalls 4A*s and 6As

Alexandra Schorah 5As 3Bs and 2Cs

Lauren Stevenson 6A*s 3As and a B

Thomas Stewart Laing 1A* 4As and 3Bs

Daniel Tarpey 4A*s and 6As

Mara Van Geffen 1A* 7As and 2Bs

Gemma Williams 1A* 4As 4Bs and a C

Tierney Witty 1A* 7As and 2Bs

Headteacher Mr Tony Boyle said:' We are extremely proud of the achievements of these students.

'As expected, the class of 2015 have achieved some impressive GCSE results which will enable them to take the next steps in their educational careers.

'This year we saw improvements in the levels of progress made by students in almost every GCSE subject which reflect the hard work of our students and their teachers supported by our parents.

'After the exceptional performance of a large number of our A levels candidates, who broke all our Key Stage 5 records we can see from this current year group that there are also a large number of students with the potential to go on and achieve exceptional results in our Sixth Form in two years' time.'