St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Attendance And Punctuality

Good attendance is paramount if our students are to succeed and achieve their maximum potential. All St Mary's students have a target of a minimum percentage attendance of 95%.


If a student is late on TWO OR MORE occasions in one week he or she is automatically placed on detention the following Monday evening. Notification of this detention is issued to the student and a text sent home. Lates covered by a note are not counted towards a detention.

Do you know how much time is missed when students are late for school?

late by
Total time
lost each week
Total time lost
each year
Total teaching
days lost
5 Minutes 25 minutes 15 hours 50 minutes more than 3 days
10 Minutes 50 minutes 31 hours 40 minutes more than 5 days
15 Minutes 75 minutes 47 hours 30 minutes 8 days
20 Minutes 100 minutes 63 hours 20 minutes more than 10 days
30 Minutes 150 minutes 95 hours 16 days

Attendance Matters

Do you know how much time is missed each year?

95% results in - 10 days or 50 lessons MISSED

80% results in - 40 days or 200 lessons MISSED

Statistics show that students with attendance rates of less than 90% have only a 35% chance of achieving five good grades at GCSE including Maths and English.

Truancy Call

Truancy Call is an automated system which allows the college to notify parents and carers when a student is absent from morning registration. Students are made aware that if they miss registration for any reason they must sign in at the Registration Office to prevent a call being sent home. This system is used primarily to safeguard students.