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Key Stage 5 Performing Arts

This course is ideal for any student who wishes to progress their career in acting or go into the creative industries. The course is a vocational qualification that enables students to develop their performance skills to a very high level and to learn the craft of acting. Although it is predominately practical by nature you will take part in theory sessions to deepen your understanding of Drama and the industry.  It is a nationally recognised qualification by well-established Universities and Drama Schools.


The Extended Certificate is the equivalent to one A Level.



The course of Study is made up of three mandatory units and one optional;

Unit 1: Investigating Practitioners (External Unit)

Students investigate the work of performing arts practitioners and develop critical analysis skills and contextual understanding of how practitioners communicate themes in their work. This unit will give students skills in research, critical analysis and extended writing that will support progress to higher education. The unit will be externally assessed through a task worth 60 marks and completed under supervised conditions.

Unit 2: Unit 2: Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance

The focus of this practical unit is on the acquisition and development of performance and interpretative skills.  Students will gain understanding of the nature of work as a performer and through practical training, explorations, workshops and assessments, will develop essential physical, vocal and creative skills to be able to perform material in two different styles. This unit is internally assessed.


Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop

In this externally assessed unit students will work in small groups to create an original performance piece in response to a stimulus provided by Pearson. The emphasis of the unit is on exploration and development of original performance material and the selection and application of appropriate performance skills.  Students will perform their final pieces to an invited audience.

In addition students will study one optional unit- from the following;



Units will be delivered through a series of assignments that will combine criteria from each unit.  Practical work will be supported by written portfolios with evidence that may take the form of:

 The course is 50% examined externally by Pearson and 50% internally assessed by subject staff.

Future Progression

BTEC qualifications are well known and understood by universities, higher education institutions and employers across the country. The Extended Certificate has been designed with employers and higher education in mind.

For more information please visit the BTEC Creative Digital Media Production homepage: