St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Key Stage 4

Our GCSE French and German courses build on the Key Stage 3 experience to further develop confidence and independence in the language. Groups are taught in sets according to ability and follow the AQA 9-1 syllabus.


The students follow themes which are categorised under the following headings:

Identity and culture

Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Current and future study and employment


The exam is divided into 4 skill based assessments:


25% - Listening exam

25% - Reading exam

25% - Writing exam

25% - Speaking exam


All assessments are conducted at the end of year 11 and students will sit all papers at either Foundation tier (grades 1-5) or Higher tier (grades 4-9)


Students are closely monitored and will be required to attend intervention and revision sessions should we feel that they are not reaching their potential.

Links :   students will receive a password for access (songs for learning French) (French online dictionary) (German online dictionary)