St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy


Where pupils may require extra support in their Literacy learning we have created a formalised programme in order to develop specific Literacy skills. These have been created to target three areas:

 • Lexia. 
This is an IT programme that focuses on pupils’ reading ability. It is designed to impact on and increase pupils’ reading ages. With regular and specific activities being completed, in timetabled sessions, pupils are able to heighten their skills and gain confidence within their own reading. 
 • Phonics. 
This is an exciting and dynamic approach to Literacy support. Again, we timetable regular sessions so that pupils who require this support are fully catered for, to help them achieve their potential and more. Each session will provide a range of activities designed specifically to develop skills in phonics, handwriting, motor skills and sequencing. This is a fast paced and effective programme that encourages pupils to develop all areas of Literacy learning.
 • Spelling and handwriting. 
Once again, we offer regular, timetabled sessions where pupils complete packs that focus on phonic patterns and groupings of letters, in order to improve spelling.Lessons also contain handwriting practice exercises which are vital in ensuring all written work is clear and legible. We specify our handwriting support for both right handed and left handed pupils. We also believe that the size and shape of handwriting should be consistent and so specific handwriting exercise books are used to ensure this. 
Our commitment to Literacy - It is our overall aim here at St Mary's to address the Literacy needs of all our pupils, of all abilities, in order to help them to achieve of their very best. Literacy learning not only impacts on the success of your child within the College, but it is also a life skill. Our job is to provide excellence in learning but it is also to facilitate your child’s success in their future.