Dear Parents and Carers

We have come to the end of the first week of our new way of working. What a week!

I can’t believe it was only seven days ago we were saying a temporary goodbye. I hope you are all well and have coped with the changes that have been forced upon us. It has been so strange here at school, as I’m sure it has been for you all at home. I hope you have been able to develop some kind of routine each day to help give structure to your lives. We have been thinking of you. A few updates below …

Home Learning

Our staff have been keeping me up to date with home learning. Thank you to all our families for your engagement with it and your positive responses. Our teachers appreciate your feedback. They are able to see who has logged into the various websites and apps, so will be in touch for any family where there appears to be no response, just to ensure everything is ok and to offer any support.

It is only Week 1 and we know there may be many more weeks ahead, so please keep at it and ensure the children maintain their focus, especially as the novelty may be wearing off for many of them. As I have mentioned before, it will be so important for the children to return to school, whenever that may be, feeling up to date with their learning and able to get back into their school work routines quickly.

Critical Workers

We continue to support our community and the critical workers who are doing such a fantastic job to keep us all safe. I imagine you were as moved as I was by last night’s tribute to our NHS workers. Your children in school have been fantastic too! They have really shown our school values all of the time and we are very proud of them. Thank you to all our critical worker families for all the work you are doing in the community. We all appreciate it.

Our staff

I have been delighted with the teamwork displayed by our staff. They have been constantly communicating and sharing ideas and support. This includes those that have self-isolated. They are working very hard and I have been so impressed with everyone’s approach. As you can imagine, for some staff with children and/or elderly parents there is a lot to manage, in terms of coming into school to support our critical worker families and support the remote learning for the rest of the class. So I want to say a big thank you to the staff at this challenging time.

All in all it has been great to see our community coming together in this way. Thank you everybody.


Don’t forget we are all still working and if you need to contact us please do. If you need support with learning or have other concerns relating to your child’s general well being and would like support, please get in touch. You all have our contact details with the school office email address. If you would like someone to give you a call, then please let us know.

[email protected]

Let’s hope the sunshine returns again next week. Keep yourselves fit and healthy and most importantly, keep smiling.

Kind regards

Tony Boyle