Dear Parents and Carers

We have reached the end of first full week with all our pupils in College. It has been great to see them all back and for our school to come back to life, if not, at the moment, quite as it was before lockdown.  Inevitably given the complexity of the arrangements we have put in place to seek to keep us all safe by reducing risks, wherever possible, we have experienced some challenges but I am very proud of the way in which our pupils and staff have responded.

Wearing of face coverings on public transport- reminder

As you know from the national and local press COVID 19 cases are rising and we cannot afford to be in any way complacent and think that the danger has passed.  I have been contacted by the companies that run our bus services to say that drivers have reported many incidences of pupils not wearing face coverings on buses.  This increases the danger for the other passengers and the drivers. As you know, unlike in some other places such as on the corridors and in communal spaces in school, this is not optional on buses and trains.

Pupils MUST wear a face covering on buses and trains and keep it on for the whole journey.

Cycle safely

Many pupils have responded to the encouragement, where practicable, to cycle or walk to school which is helping.  Can I ask you to remind your child, if they do cycle, to do so with due caution for other road users and that riding on the pavements is not allowed.

Wearing PE Kit to school – Years 7 and 8

As you know we are going to continue to review our plans and if we identify ways we think we can improve them we will do so and let you know.  Speaking to other schools they have decided that some pupils should come to school in their school PE kit and remain in it rather than change in and out of it during the school day.  We think this is a good idea and so starting from Monday, 14th September, pupils in Years 7 and 8 need to come to school in their PE kit on the days they have PE.

One concern is that they might be cold if the weather is poorer.  Pupils will be allowed to wear tracksuit bottoms, preferably a dark colour over their PE kit on the way to and from school and in other lessons.  There is no expectation that parents buy new tracksuit bottoms.  Wearing a school blazer over the top of their kit is still permissible.

Mobile phones

With the long time away from school many pupils will have become used to being in communication throughout the day with friends on their mobile devices.  Our policy remains that, if they choose to bring one into school, then mobile phones need to be switched off as they enter the school site and only switched back on as they leave.  This is an important safeguarding measure as well as avoiding disruption to lessons.  Thank you for your continued support for this.

Can I finish by reiterating how impressed I have been by the way our school community has pulled together which gives me great optimism for the year ahead of us.

Yours faithfully

Mr A Boyle