With schools closed we have been faced with working out a way to provide a practical alternative to the normal provision in school.
The government promised last week that a scheme would be put in place but we have waited and it’s taking too long.
Consequently we have taken the decision to purchase a £30 ASDA evoucher per child to support families in meeting the provision at home.  We have identified that there are Asda shops across our catchment area.
This is for the period 23rd March to 3rd April equating to £3 per day. This is more than the daily allowance in school, £2.30, that we normally receive but we have recognised that prices are proportionately higher outside of school. The DFE have said they will compensate us. This takes us up to the start of the Easter holidays during which Free School Meals are not provided and we hope that if it is still necessary the promised government scheme might be in place by the time school is due to return on 20th April.
We have purchased the e vouchers on the basis that an email would be the quickest way to get them to families but are also conscious that some families who are entitled to Free School Meals have not provided us with an email address.
We have a relatively large number to send out and it will take some time. We will start with the families for whom we have email addresses but can I ask that you email the [email protected]com if you are aware that you have not provided an email address or have changed it recently.
 Please use Free School Meal Voucher as the title of your email, you need to include your child(ren)’s name date of birth and your name so we have an evidence trail as to who has received the vouchers. We will use this email address we receive these details from to send the voucher(s) to and will add it to your child’s school information record.
If we do not have or do not receive an email from you, we will post the voucher(s) out but it will inevitably take longer to reach families which we are anxious to avoid if at all possible.
Please take care of yourselves and your family at this challenging time for us all at St Mary’s.