Fresh Food Served Fast

This is where we chill out and fill up! Chill & Fill, our revamped dining room, is where students can refuel and get the most from their learning experience at St Mary’s. Harrison’s, our catering partners are committed to offering a high quality food to both students and staff.

You can say goodbye to ‘fast food’ at St Mary’s. All our food is made from fresh ingredients every day. It’s good, fresh food served fast!

Daniel Dowd, our Canteen Manager, joined us from The Thornton Hall Hotel in 2016 and has been introducing a number of healthy eating changes to our Chill & Fill menu.

Says Dan: ‘Students are giving us great feedback on the new menus, and really seem to be enjoying the filling, hearty food we offer.’

He added: ‘Particular favourites are the chicken burritos and lasagne, which fly off the counter along with more traditional dishes like steak pie and fish and chips.

‘We have put a great deal of thought into our wide and varied menu, and you can be sure that all the food we make is really healthy too.’


Sample Menus

Below are some sample menus from Chill & Fill


Breakfast Items

Bacon batch           £0.65

Hash brown            £0.35

Toast                        £0.25

Potato cake             £0.25

Crumpet                  £0.30

Waffles                     £0.85

Lunch Items

Meal Deal                            £2.10

Sandwich                             £1.10

Panini                                   £1.40

Baguette                               £1.40

Filled jacket potato             £0.90

Pasta pot                              £1.40

Pizza                                     £0.85

Chips                                    £0.85

Pasta salad                          £1.05

Beans                                   £0.40

Cheese portion                   £0.30

Plain pasta                          £0.65

Sauce portion                     £0.15

Garlic bread                        £0.35

Soup                                    £0.55

Cakes                                   £0.55

Ice lolly                                £0.55

Ice cream                            £0.55


Calypso cups         £0.35

Aqua juice             £0.65

Juice carton          £0.85

Viva milk              £0.55

Small Yazoo         £0.65

Milk                       £0.25

Water                    £0.55

Slush                     £0.65