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Aspire – Our Vision


We seek to build a community of faith where our students have:
• unlimited ideas and dreams
• a vision of what they want to achieve in life and how to achieve it

• a strong sense of duty and of service to others
• care and compassion for each other

Above all else, we want our students to experience fullness of life, where the sort of person that we become is of paramount importance. We want our students to become confident and compassionate individuals, who contribute to society, become responsible citizens and successful learners.

Through curricular and extra-curricular provision, our students are educated to be prepared for fullness of life. We call this The Experience, which is articulated in our motto “Aspire not to have more but to be more”.

In aspiring to be more, students must reflect upon their own character and develop positive personal strengths known as virtues. In doing
this, students learn how to respond well to the challenges they face in everyday life and the virtues are those character traits that enable them to respond appropriately to situations. We believe that educating students about the moral virtues outlined below will allow them to act in an ethical manner.

Courage: Acting with bravery and overcoming fears

Justice: Acting with fairness towards others by respecting rights and responsibilities

Honesty: Being truthful and sincere

Compassion: Demonstrating care and concern for others

Gratitude: Feeling and expressing thanks

Humility: Having a modest view of oneself

Integrity: Having strong moral principles

Respect: Being considerate of someone’s feelings and rights


We want to be the best schools in the country. We want our students to have the best education and the best opportunities. By achieving this we will instill into students a desire to be the best they possibly can and so make a difference. The gaining of qualifications, skills and experiences is not just about what students get out of it but how it helps them to help others.

We apply our skills and resources to this philosophy, offering life skills of lasting value to our students. We firmly believe that our students deserve the opportunity to develop and realise their talents, aspirations and true potential and through this are inspired to achieve and follow their chosen career and life path. We expect all our students to have a 7 year journey in our schools and to undertake a series of ongoing challenges, at different stages, that are designed to demonstrate key life skills of:

Leadership – students are taught to understand the definition of leadership and are given opportunities to apply this to their own lives. As part of our ethical leadership programme, students learn how the power of leadership can change lives and are given appropriate challenges to demonstrate this.

Organisation – students are taught how to become organised and are given opportunities to demonstrate this when identifying the steps towards successful completion of an activity or project.
Resilience – students are taught to recognise that hardwork, persistence and effort yield results.

Initiative – students are taught how to think independently and are given opportunities to gain new experiences that enable them to use their imagination and common sense.
Communication – students are taught how to communicate effectively, and to realise the importance of this.