June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

New Year 7 Transition Arrangements

Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic College. Despite current circumstances we are continuing our preparations for your child’s arrival in our College. Your child is joining a College which offers its students a fantastic range of opportunities and where we aim to grow and realise your child’s aspirations. For some parents, with older children, we are already working in partnership with you as parents but for others it is your first experience of the move from primary to secondary school.

We are in contact with your child’s primary school to find out additional information that will help us to smooth the transition. Our staff are working closely with our primary colleagues replacing face to face meetings with virtual discussions so we get to know as much as we can about your child before they start their journey with us.

New Year 7 Induction events

In light of the current circumstances we are still awaiting confirmation that we will be able to host a July induction evening as we have in the past, although we still plan to have an induction day for Year 7 on the 2nd of September. In the meantime we are determined to ensure this does not prevent us from establishing clear lines of communication with our parents / carers. To facilitate this we are launching ‘Parentmail’ at St Mary’s where we will be able to keep everyone up to date with transition arrangements. As you may be aware DfE guidance is being continually updated so we hope this online facility will enable us to communicate any changes directly to you. We will also be using Parentmail to gather information from parents / carers in place of the forms traditionally distributed on induction evening in July. You will receive an e-mail very soon requesting you register for this service. Simply follow the instructions contained in the e-mail to register.

All future announcements will be made through Parentmail so if you have any issues with the registration process please visit the parent help section on www.parentmail.co.uk or contact our college through the school office on schooloffice@stmaryswallasey.com

College Website

In addition to Parentmail, we are setting up a transition section on our college website where you can browse helpful information regarding St Mary’s and view our list of frequently asked questions. Our website is a useful source of information for both new and existing parents / carers. The college website address is www.stmaryswallasey.com

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new pupils to St Mary’s and hope that these new processes will help to ease some of the concerns you or your child may have in such unprecedented times.

Kind Regards

Mr J Wilson
Assistant Headteacher