Our busiest time of year has started early, probably due to the cost of living crisis and already some of the stocks are running low.  Please could you ask your families if they have any items to donate?
I will collect from you as soon as you ask me to, so please don’t worry about your drum sitting overflowing!
In the last ten years, we have given away over 50,000 items of uniforms to 12,750 Wirral families and saved an epic 26 Tonnes from going to landfill!
We particularly need current blazers, PE kits and St Mary’s skirts please.
I attach our flyer which can be sent out to parents and will also tell them where they can request any uniforms they need.
If you know of any families who are struggling, please pass on my contact information, or direct them to our website.
Thank you very much for your support over the years.