Dear Parents and Carers

Year 13 Mock Examinations

Monday 2nd December to Tuesday 10th December 2019

 We are about to enter a fortnight when students will undertake mock examinations in all their subjects.

There are a number of very good reasons for devoting this block of curriculum time to mock examinations.

1. Developing examination technique

Although students will have undertaken the content of the course in lessons and homeworks, we know that students need to learn how to utilise this to achieve the marks allocated in the actual examination. Students may also not realise the rate at which they have to work to complete a full examination paper in the time allowed. Students become familiar with the layout and structure of the examination paper.

2. Identifying areas to target in the remaining months of the course

There are still six months left of students’ courses but the target is always to finish the course considerably before the final examination and to target weaker areas in the revision programme that will be put in place by teachers and students. The analysis of the mock examination performance is crucial in informing this.

3. Identifying appropriate interventions and the students to be involved in them

We will be analysing the mock examination results in great detail to identify where we need to target interventions for students and the students who will be involved in them.

For students and teachers to reap the most benefits from this it is vital that students commit themselves to preparing diligently for every subject so they can demonstrate what they know and remember in each of their subjects. In doing this we get an accurate picture of what each student is capable of now in order to inform our planning to help each student get the best possible final results.

I have attached a copy of the examination timetable which is also posted on the College website (Click Here to download). The timetable includes all of the examinations, including option subjects; you will know which options your child is following. I hope this will be useful in helping you to support and encourage your child’s preparations for these examinations.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Boyle

Head Teacher