Headteacher Mr K Maddocks
Associate Deputy Headteachers

Mr A Hampson
Mr J Wilson

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E Parry

Mrs E Donohoe

Mrs M Wilson


Associate Assistant Headteacher

Miss C skinner

Mr A Forbes

Extended Leadership

Mrs V Dougherty

Mrs M Todd

Mrs C Moor

Mrs A Keen

Mrs N Lam

Miss E Daniels


Key Pastoral Staff

Year 7 Head of Year:Mrs N Lam
Year 7 P & A Coach:Ms A Rubin

Year 8 Head of Year:Mrs C Willis
Year 8 P & A Coach:Mrs K Schumann-Edwards

Year 9 Head of Year: Mrs L Watson
Year9 P & A Coach: Mrs C Paton-Watson

Year 10 Head of Year: Miss J Boisson
Year 10 P & A Coach: Mrs D Jones

Year 11 Head of Year:Mr A Davies
Year 11 P & A Coach:Mrs J Cotgrave

Sixth Form  Head of Year:Mrs S Witan & Mrs C Hickey
Sixth Form P & A Coach:Mr S Cotgrave

Contact Details:

[email protected] – Will be monitored by our SEND team and should be used for specific SEND emails.
[email protected] – Will be monitored by our exams administrator.

Heads of Departments

Head of Art Miss R Holman
Head of Business Studies Mrs V Dougherty
Head of DT Mr J Griffiths
Head of Drama & Media Miss L Sabri
Head of English Mrs J Hessey & Mrs Lowe
Head of Social Sciences Mrs L Egerton
Head of History Miss H Stoneley
Head of Humanities Miss J New
Head of ICT/Computing Mrs V Dougherty
Head of Maths Miss E Daniels
Head of MFL Mr J Le Normand
Head of PE Ms N Lam
Head of Performing Arts Miss A Keen
Head of RE Mrs M Wilson
Head of Science Mrs V Brown