Dear Parents & Carers

In order to streamline and improve communication channels between key staff and our parents at St Marys, we have set up a number of specific email addresses. Please use these to contact relevant year teams, our SEND team or exams office.

The following email addresses can be used to contact your child’s HOL and Learning Coach.

[email protected] – Will be monitored by our SEND team and should be used for specific SEND emails.
[email protected] – Will be monitored by our exams administrator.

[email protected]com for all other general enquiries, contact for other staff and queries for departments.

Please be aware that these email addresses are not monitored at all times and we will endeavour to respond to your queries during working hours and within 48 working hours.

In the event that you need to contact me directly please email [email protected]

I do hope that this helps to improve communication.

Mr McLoughlin

Interim Headteacher