Please view our Induction powerpoint presentation on the college website which contains an overview of the school day.

You should arrive at school by 8.30am and be lined up for your first lesson at 8.35am.

Bells sound at the end of each session so that you know when you go to the next lesson or break time.

One day a week, instead of Progress & Aspiration time, you will have an assembly with your Head of Year and different guest speakers. The school day finishes at 2.50pm when you will make your own way home or stay for an after school club.

Your work will be specific and targeted towards your ability level. If the work is too easy you will become bored and uninterested, so the work will be challenging but still achievable.

We work very closely with primary schools to find out your ability level and any additional support you might need.

If there is a piece of work you are finding difficult, you can speak to your teacher as they will be able to help you and explain it in a different way. There may be some resources or books to help you, and we also have a Homework Club in school where you can get extra support.

Year 7 spend break and lunch time on their own playground. During break and lunch times you will have the chance to socialise with friends or take part in sports and games led by our Year 10 sports leaders.

Many students also take the opportunity to visit the library at this time to complete some work or read with friends.

At St Mary’s we offer lots of extracurricular opportunities in a variety of different subjects. A few examples of clubs that have run this year for Year 7 are: Science club, Music, Drama, Choir, Music, Art, Faith in action, PE clubs like football, netball, trampolining, fitness and more.

We love it if pupils take their transition to secondary school as a chance to try something new and join a club. Pupils can go to as many as they like and they are all free. It is also a great way of meeting new people and making friends. When you start at St Mary’s, there will be an extracurricular timetable outlining all the activities on offer.

At St Mary’s Catholic College we are committed to celebrating the achievements of all our young people.

Teachers will celebrate and reward positive behaviour, good work, correct uniform and helpfulness by giving you positive points on Classcharts. These points are recorded and used to give out prizes in our rewards assemblies. Your parents will also be able to log into our Arbor App and see how well you are doing and celebrate with you.