We are introducing an exciting home learning maths programme this year to support maths revision and homework for every student.

The system aims to; motivate students, engage with parents and to improve attainment in maths for every student.

The programme will also help parents and carers to understand the concepts taught in school.

The system teaches via short videos followed by online assessments which are monitored and tracked by your child’s Maths teacher.

Your child will receive one or two homeworks a week from the HegartyMaths platform and each homework can take up to one hour to complete properly.   Your child may complete more work should they wish.  The HegartyMaths homework will consist of two main parts:

1) Watching and taking notes

2) Completing quiz/assessment that follows the video showing full working in their homework books.

Every week your child’s teacher will set a task based on their classwork with a focus on quality of work. A key element of this programme is that it is self-assessed which encourages students to take responsibility for their learning, identify areas to develop and to make corrections. This will establish effective habits and help to develop greater confidence with mathematical concepts as well as removing any fear of Maths.

We believe this system has the potential to make a positive difference to all of our students and we really value your support. Further details about the programme as well as practical information such as how to log on, can be found below.  Every Maths teacher will explain how the system will work over the next few weeks but please get in touch if you have any questions.

Parent Help Guide