St Mary’s Catholic College is oversubscribed for September 2023. However, if your child was unsuccessful in their application to St Mary’s, there is an appeals process to follow on our website: St Mary’s Admissions

Uniform update – you will be able to pre-order school uniform online. We have been in contact with the local uniform suppliers who stock St Mary’s uniform and they can accept orders over the telephone and online. They have confirmed that they have more than enough stock to meet demand and will be hoping to open their shops as soon as government guidance allows.

Our 3 main suppliers are:

Wirral Uniform Centre, Birkenhead

The Other Uniform Store, Brimstage

Wallasey Schoolwear, Wallasey

Each year group is identified by the colour of the embroidery on their school badge. The colour for Year 7 this September is red and they will carry this colour through their full journey with St Mary’s.

There are a variety of school buses serving surrounding areas of our school as well as two train stations very close by. The most up to date information is on our college website in the section ‘travel routes to college’.  We also actively encourage pupils to cycle to school and have ample bicycle stands where pupils lock up their bicycles on arrival.

Year 7 pupils at St Mary’s have their very own toilets and playground to help them settle in. We also operate an early lunch start time for the first few weeks so pupils have adequate time to adjust to the new routine and serving arrangements in the dining room.

Staff also collect and return all Year 7 pupils to a central meeting point at the beginning of and of each lesson. We do this for the first 2 weeks of lessons to help our new pupils navigate their way to each classroom and familiarise themselves with their timetable without the worry of getting lost. It works really well.

We are working closely with primary schools and the Year 6 teachers to collect all key information and data to ensure a smooth transition into Year 7.

Primary colleagues and St Mary’s staff have very positive relationships and both parties are working collaboratively to meet pupil needs. However, if you feel there is new information that the primary may not be aware of, you are welcome to contact us via the school office on [email protected]

We collect information from your primary schools and ask them to recommend learning partners. These are peers that work well together to bring out the best in each other.

It is important to note that the groupings for form groups and lessons may differ depending on a child’s flightpath. This means that you may be with some friends during form time but will meet many other friends as you move from lesson to lesson.

The uniform requirements can be found in our induction powerpoint on our website. A strong and sturdy St Mary’s badged school bag will be needed to carry equipment and school books for the day.

Each day pupils will be required to have a blue or black pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, compass, protractor and calculator. We advise coloured pencils and a sharpener would be useful. Additionally, pupils will be provided with a school planner. Equipment checks will be done daily during registration; it would be a good idea to practice being organised with all the equipment you need.

We are working hard to ensure each individual has a settled and positive start to their journey.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm additional transition dates at this moment but we have plans in place for supporting Year 6 pupils and these will be acted upon as soon as we have the go-ahead.

If your child has a special educational need that you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact either of our SENDCOs, Mrs C Moor or Mrs M Todd via the school office on [email protected].