The School Day
Period 18.35-9.35am
Period 29.35 - 10.35am
Period 310.55-11.55am
Lunch Yr 711.35 – 12.25pm
Lunch Yr 9 & 11 PA for 8 & 1011.55 - 12.25pm
Lunch Yr 8 & 10 PA for 7,9 & 1112.35 - 1.05pm
Period 41.05-2.00pm
Period 52.00-2.50pm
All students finish at 2.50pm2.50pm

All pupils in the College follow a timetable that runs over a two-week period. These timetables should be recorded in the College Planner. It is always useful if a copy of the timetable is kept in a prominent place at home to help in the early days of organisation. The timetables will be given to pupils on their first day of the Autumn Term. It will highlight the Subject, Subject teacher and classroom.