NAME OF STAFF OR GOVERNORDate form givenDate form returnedInterest Declared? (yes/no)NATURE OF INTEREST (refer to individual form for full details.)ACTION REQUIRED? (No – or HT interview / Governors Meeting)
Mrs Anne McMullan18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mr Charles Donnelly18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mr John Ward26.9.1926.9.19NoNo
Mr Anthony Boyle18.9.1918.9.19YesDaughter in Law, Head of HistoryNo
Mrs Sandra Keating18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Fr Stephen Coonan18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mr Edmund McWatt18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mrs Rachel Clarke18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mrs Anna Torpey18.9.1918.9.19No No
Mr Andrew Forbes18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mr Peter Reilly18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Miss Sheila Morrison18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mrs Lucinda Richardson18.9.1918.9.19NoNo
Mrs Claire Williams18.9.1918.9.19YesPA to HeadteacherNo