Dear Parents and Carers

We are fast approaching the end of our first half term. It has presented us with some challenges which our pupils and staff have risen to meet. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

As promised we are currently undertaking a thorough evaluation of what is working well in our current plan and what we can improve on whilst maintaining the key protective measures that reduce the risks of transmission. We will share any changes with you separately.

Positive COVID Cases Update

At the start of this term positive cases were rare in the local community and this was reflected in our school. Consequently, in addition to notifying and writing to any parents and carers who had had close contact with a positive case, we also wrote to all the parents and carers of unaffected pupils letting them know of each case.

As term has progressed the number of positive cases of pupils and, more recently, amongst staff has increased, reflecting the significant increases in the Liverpool region that have led to the Tier 3 lockdown.

In each case we have followed the guidance of Public Health in identifying close contacts and whether we needed to take wider action.

Rather than giving parents and carers repetitious messages confirming that their child is unaffected, for recent confirmed cases we have just contacted those families affected. This is in no way because we are becoming complacent about the need for rigorous identification of close contacts.

Support for those pupils who are asked to self-isolate

We have been working hard to look at how we can support any pupils who are self-isolating. Teachers are populating Google Classroom with the lesson resources. The details of how to login are on our college website and there is a login problems email to contact us on if your child experiences any difficulties.

If your child is entitled to a Free School Meal and they are isolating we are able to provide a Food Parcel. You will be asked whether you would like this when you are contacted about self-isolating or alternatively if your child needs to self-isolate because of a symptomatic member of your family or positive test case at home.

Face Coverings

Pupils are becoming more used to wearing face coverings inside the communal areas but some still need regular reminders. In recent times Merseyrail have also asked me to reinforce this as their staff still find pupils without them which we all know by now is a fineable offence but more importantly an unnecessary increased risk to themselves and other passengers. Please reinforce this with them again.

Inset Day Reminder

This Friday, 23rd October, is an Inset Day with our College closed to pupils.

All pupils back on Monday 2nd November

We all return on Monday 2nd November with pupils required on site by 8.30am.

I do hope you enjoy a restful, if largely home based this year, half term break with your children.

Yours faithfully

Mr A Boyle