This week has been another very positive one with respect to the feedback we have received from parents and carers about their children’s experiences with regards to Remote Learning.

My colleagues have been very appreciative of your recognition of their efforts as they are quickly coming to terms with this new way of working, whilst also supervising the pupils who need to come into school.

There have been a number of suggestions/questions from pupils and parents as to how the provision could be even better and where possible we are taking these on board.

Suggestion: We understand from our children that the timings of the virtual school day are slightly different than their normal school day. Can you share them with us as well please.

I have included the timings of the virtual day at the end of this update.

Question: Sometimes my child appears to have rushed through their Google Classroom work and claims to have completed it all quite early in the day. Is it possible to release the work at the start of each lesson?

From Monday 18th January teachers will schedule the release of work relating to each lesson to coincide with the starting time of each lesson.

Question: The deadline for all the work on a day to be submitted was 3.30pm and my child is sometimes struggling to do it well by this time. Is it possible to extend the deadline time for submissions?

Yes, the revised deadline submission time will be 5pm with the discretion given to teachers to set a later deadline if they feel the particular piece of work set may take longer.

Question: Having a blend between live teaching and teachers being present in the Google Classroom to respond to questions and give feedback is really good. Is this something we can expect to continue?

Yes, we are committed to this. Teachers will be present in all their virtual lessons, wherever possible, and they will be delivering a significant amount of live teaching in many of these lessons.

Below are the revised timings for the virtual day