Dear Parent and Carers

I want to let you know how proud I am of the way in which our pupils have returned this week.

It has been great to see them back and the manner with which they have conducted themselves in their lessons and in undertaking the tests have been exemplary. We have had support with testing from Wirral LA staff who have commented on how impressed they have been by our pupils. We are not surprised but, nevertheless, delighted.

Our revised day is going well with pupils getting to grips with the new timings but already saying that it is much better than it was before Christmas, which is music to our ears.

Will testing carry on next week?

Yes, as you know, all the pupils, who you have given consent for, have now had their first test and we have already begun to support some pupils in having their second test. Second tests for others will happen at the start of next week and by the end of the week everyone will have their third test.

When will pupils get their home testing kits?

As I suggested previously, we will send out the kits with the pupils who have consented after they have had their third test and notify you by Parent Mail that they have them.

The full instructions of how to carry out the tests are included with the tests.

Are you able to send out test kits so that people at home can also test themselves?

No, we are only supplied with enough kits for our pupils but, as you may have read in the press, it is possible for people who live in the households of school children to get their own test kits. The link with the details is below.

Where are up to with expectations around full uniform, jewellery, energy drinks and use of mobile phones in school?

As I said last Friday, we are conscious that pupils may have outgrown school shoes during lockdown and may have had to gather together the items of their full uniform and so have encouraged you to contact your child’s year team if there are particular problems.

The good news is that our pupils have generally looked very smart this week and so we are confident that, other than those very small number of pupils who we are aware of, our pupils will be in full uniform next week.

Again, we are conscious that some pupils will have been used to wearing jewellery at home and we have reminded children that this is not acceptable in school. Similarly with nose piercings and ear piercings which must be removed in school.

As you know the ban on mobile phones being on in school is an important safeguarding measure, given all the problems that can be associated with misuse. Pupils will probably have been on them throughout the day during the lockdown and we are reminding them that they cannot have them on in school and would ask you to remind them of this and why it is important that they do not have them on. We want to avoid you having to come into school to collect them if at all possible.

How has the increased mask wearing gone?

Thank you! Our pupils have stepped up to this, both on the corridors and in their classrooms, undoubtedly because of your support and reminders before they leave the house. Many Headteachers I have spoken to who were fearful of how difficult this would be. It just shows you what we can achieve together working in close partnership.

We are looking forward to the return full time of your children next week.

Hope you enjoy the weekend with your families.

Yours faithfully

Mr A Boyle