Head of Department: Mrs C Hickey
Exam Board Edexcel
Qualification: BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Programme of study

Throughout this course, students will explore different dance genres, practitioners and professional dance works. Students will be expected to choreograph, rehearse and perform for a live audience. This is a vocational course and is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the Performing Arts. Students will follow three components over a period of two years:

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts

This component is designed to give a synopsis of what it’s like to be a professional dancer in the Performing Arts industry. Students will explore performance styles, creative intentions and purpose. Students will discover performance roles, skills, techniques and processes. The work will culminate in a final performance, with a written log to support all practical work.

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts.

In this component students will develop skills and techniques in the chosen discipline of dance. Over the course of the two years students will take part in workshops, classes and rehearsals, gain physical, interpretative, and rehearsal skills and apply these in the performance work. Students will be asked to reflect on progress, performance and how dance work can be improved.

Component 3: Performing to a Brief

In this component the students’ work is set and assessed by the examination board. Students will build on previous knowledge and understanding to develop the performance material. This component is designed to draw upon the information acquired in components 1 and 2, based on the skills and techniques in the

Performing Arts. St Mary’s Dancers will get the opportunity to perform at the Floral Pavilion, featuring in the chorus and main cast of school productions. 

Competitions, performances in local schools and residential experiences abroad and at home are all part of the annual dance programme and students are encouraged to visit theatres to see professional dance.

How is the course structured & assessed?

The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance) is run over two years and the content is broken down into three components. Points are awarded for each component based upon the final grade obtained for each one. Students must complete all three components in order to achieve the required amount of points. 

Component 1: Internally assessed unit. 30% of the total course grade.

Component 2: Internally assessed unit. 30% of the total course grade.

Component 3: Externally set task. 40% of the total course grade.

All components are assessed through the production of a live performance and written portfolio work. Component 3 will be set by the examination board in the form of a pre-released brief and externally assessed performance . Work completed for components 1 and 2 will be marked and assessed internally and covers the full range of activities, including the performance and supporting written portfolio work.

What can these qualifications lead to?

After completing the BTEC Level 2 course, can continue to study Level 3 BTEC in Performing Arts: Dance in Sixth Form at SMCC. This course prepares students for further and Higher Education, either through studying at degree level, leading to either a career in the Performing Arts or starting employment in their chosen field. This course is also a good choice to develop confidence.