Thank you for your support today, it is never an easy decision to close the school but I hope that the early notice supported you to arrange appropriate child care.

School will reopen tomorrow, Wednesday 17th January, at 08:35 am

The site team has worked to clear the grounds today, however we have been unable to clear all areas of the site to the level that we would wish. For this reason, the pupil entrance on Wallasey Village (the GRA gate) will not be open in the morning. Pupils who usually come into school this way will need to use the canteen gate or the entrance at the back of school, on St George’s road.

The school gates will only open at 08:20 am tomorrow to accommodate the reduced playground capacity, pupils will be directed to either the canteen or directly to their form room. We understand that it may take longer than usual for pupils to travel school and so we will not mark as late until after 9am.

If you could please inform your children that throwing snowballs/ice is not permitted on the school grounds.

Thank you for you support in advance

Mr Maddocks