Dear Parent/Carer,

Help your child to explore their future

As part of our commitment to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, we are delighted to announce that we are using an innovative online resource called Start.

Start will help your child to connect with their future career potential, develop their employability and help them to explore future career and study options at school or at home.

How should my child use it?

We have asked students to create their own account for Start at school, but it is accessible anytime on computers and compatible mobile and tablet devices.

Your child will personalise their profile on Start with details about their skills, qualities, interests and work preferences. This provides a starting point for them to explore information matched to their personal preferences and interests. As they update their profile, Start will personalise this information, helping them to navigate the thousands of jobs, courses, providers and opportunities available. Start will help students to understand where they are on their journey and what’s important as they make their choices at GCSE, post-16 and post-18.

We encourage you to use Start with your child at home. Encourage them to rate jobs, qualifications, colleges or universities so that we can see their preferences in order to support them better.

What if I want to use Start myself?

Parents can also use Start to find out more about jobs, training and study opportunities for yourself. Please do not log in using your child’s user details and instead register yourself using the steps outlined below, creating your own username and password.

For more information on Star tor the support available for your son or daughter, please contact Mrs Clarke

How to Register: Parent Guide

Welcome to Start!

These instructions explain how to register for Start. To create your own username and password, please follow the simple steps below.

 Go to www.startprofile.comand click Register

 Enter your first name, surname, email address, postcode, date of birth and gender

Tip: if you forget your username or password we will use the email address you provide to send you a reminder

Choose a memorable username and a secure password. Tick to agree to the Privacy, Cookies and Terms of Use policies and click Get Started

Click Login and enter your username and password. Click Login 

The first time you log in you will be required to complete the following:

Select “I am a Parent and would like to use Start with my children.” 

You’ll be sent an email. Click on the link in the email to verify your email address.

The link will take you to a new page, click Start